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Raghav Sachar

While most of us are learning to read & write at the age of four, Raghav Sachar started playing his first musical instrument. His father made an interesting deal with him – Raghav would be gifted one instrument every year. The catch? He couldn’t ask for any other gifts. Most four year olds would’ve thrown a tantrum. Raghav Sachar agreed.

At seven, he learnt the recorder (English Flute) and passed grades 5 & 6 of the Trinity College of Music exams with distinction. He started playing the drums at nine, and won Best Drummer in the All-India Junior segment. He began instrument multi-tasking – playing harmonica, the bongo and drums together. He was so good that the government chose him as their representative in Russia at a cultural exchange program.
What was probable at 4, became a certainty as time passed- Raghav Sachar was a young & phenomenally talented musician. Guitar playing in school, got him into a rock band - “Canzona”. They toured all over India and played at key places like the IIT institutions, BITS Pilani etc. His passion for music also led him into the Delhi Music Theatre for musicals like “Grease”.

Raghav went on to study Music & Composition at Monash University in Australia. He specialized in Jazz & toured South-East Asia with Monash. All of this while also playing in jingles with Shantanu Moitra and Daniel B George, and performing Live with Canzona and other bands. He continued to work on ad jingles for brands like Hutch, Airtel, Honda, Toyota & Maruti.

While still studying, Shantanu Moitra asked him to record with the unique Shubha Mudgal, where Mr. Atul Churamani of HMV spotted him and offered him his first album. Once Raghav finished his education, he shifted to Bombay and released his debut album "For The First Time" to critical acclaim. As the name suggests – it was the first time such a young artist fused Indian melodies and musical structure with predominantly western musical instruments. There was no stopping him after that.He was involved in every level of music making – from making his own home studio where he could record and mix his songs to composition, arrangement, programming, writing lyrics. And Singing.

A delight on stage, he has enthralled audiences all over the globe, collaborating with many prominent personalities in the field of music like Sivamani, Louis Banks, Niladri Kumar , Sunidhi Chauhan etc. From Singapore and Thailand to Germany, Russia and Madame Tussauds – Raghav Sachar has been continuously breaking the musical barriers and carving a niche for himself. He even played as a prominent musician on Bollywood films such as Dhoom 2, Partner, Hum Tum, Parineeta and other box-office hits. With his vast knowledge and exposure to both Indian and Western music, Raghav is truly a “World Musician”, with a very unique brand of composition.
At 26, he is India’s first multi-instrumental pop star. With a voice of pure 24-carat gold and playing more than 30 instruments, Raghav Sachar is now finally releasing his much-awaited 3rd album, titled “Play It Loud”.

Songs By Raghav:

Gup Chup Si Hai - One Two Three

One two three - One two three

Rock Mahi - One Two Three

Sunday - 2007 - Manzar

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